Summerline – Information

Summerline includes members approximately grades 7 to age 22 with previous Groove, Inc. involvement or advanced percussion experience. Summerline performances are primarily on Saturdays with one to three Sunday performances that may include overnight trips. Our performances are at town festivals, conventions, parades, drum corps shows, and other musical events.

Summerline members audition for their placement. Auditions took place on May 15 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds Armory Building. Audition music and sign up for audition times can be found here.

The Summerline season runs from May through July. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds Armory Building (directly north of the Grandstands). All rehearsals will be held at this location unless there is a scheduling conflict. Notice of any changes will be placed on the website and sent out via email as soon as that information is made available. Check the Calendar of Events under the News section regularly for location and performance updates.

Summerline Dues are approximately $375, and include the cost of the uniform and transportation to the performances. Members are required to pay for their own food and any recreational activities while on trips. The Summerline uniform will be based on the show theme and uniform cost is included in the dues payment. All dues must be paid timely. Three (3) monthly ACH payments are available to help you budget for these expenses.

We will need your help to assist at the parades with such duties as unloading and loading the trailer, supplying ice and water for our coolers, giving water to the kids during the parades, carrying the banner, pushing the tom racks through the parade acting as chaperones on the bus ride to and from parades, and anything else that may come up! You don’t need to be at every parade.