General Membership Requirements

Groove, Inc. members are expected to attend all rehearsals. It is understood that at times school, work or family activities may conflict with Groove, Inc.  When a conflict arises, please communicate with the staff prior to the time of absence. Every member has an important position and every rehearsal is imperative. By missing rehearsals or performances, you jeopardize the success of the performance. BE THERE!

All Groove, Inc. members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all rehearsals and performances. All behavior should meet the mission of Groove, Inc. and members must be respectful of other members, staff, parents, equipment and facilities. If a member’s behavior is repeatedly addressed by a staff member or parent, the member will be suspended from the next rehearsal and/or performance. If this happens three times, the member will be removed from Groove, Inc. with no refund. Groove, Inc. has a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will result in immediate termination with no refund.

You need a good attitude. Face rehearsals with a positive approach. People who are willing to work hard as a team are the type of people Groove, Inc. wants. Our goal is to be THE BEST at what we do. If for any reason you have any concerns please contact Pete or any staff member.

Groove, Inc. relies on the maturity and unity of everyone to inspire the proper attitudes and actions necessary to promote this excellent program.

We rely on YOU to:

  1. Be ready. Rehearse, perform, compete giving 100%.
  2. Treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times.
  3. Work together at all times as a team.
  4. Be mature enough to handle situations as they occur.
  5. Carry yourself with pride.
  6. Help out and step where needed. Look around and pitch in without being asked.
  7. Work for your section leader. He or she works for you, too.

Schedules are distributed in the beginning of the year to assist families in planning their schedules. Members should arrive 10-15 minutes early so the rehearsal can begin on time. A late member needs to join their section as quickly as possible.

Shoes are to be removed at some rehearsal sites. If you need to wear shoes during rehearsal, bring another pair for indoor use only. Food and drink are to be eaten in designated areas only. Some sites may not allow any eating. Clean up after yourself.

BE RESPECTFUL of the rehearsal area.

To become a member, we prefer previous percussion experience, but it is not required. An audition will be required at all levels.

Come prepared. Your hardest work comes outside of rehearsal time, in private practice. As an individual, you have the opportunity to contribute to the ultimate quality of the program, or hinder the progress of your peers.

Show Etiquette:
You represent Groove, Inc. at performances. Be aware of how you act and speak in public. Be responsible for your image.


Groove, Inc. offers secure and convenient monthly ACH payment withdrawal as a payment option. If you choose this option, the membership fees and show expense fees, if applicable, will be administered in six (6) monthly payments.

No part of the membership fee will be refunded if the member has attended three (3) rehearsals or had Groove, Inc. equipment assigned to him/her for the same period. This is regardless of whether the member attended any or all rehearsals.

Groove, Inc. dues provide you:

  • Musical instruction for approximately 18 weeks.
  • One set of Snare sticks, tenor sticks or bass mallets.
  • Use and repair of Groove Inc.-owned instruments (no deposit required)
  • Summerline transportation, if applicable

Genesis through Slam groups will be required to purchase their own Groove, Inc. uniform. Impact, Pursuit and Summerline ensemble uniforms are included as they are show theme specific.

Special Notices:
There will be a MANDATORY Parent Meeting held at the beginning of each group’s first rehearsal. Parents are expected to attend this important meeting with their child, complete all required registration/health forms, pay membership dues, purchase necessary sticks and/or mallets, and sign up for one or more of the many volunteer opportunities Groove, Inc. has available. Announcements will be made and there will be time for Q&A.

Membership dues are payable or an acceptable payment arrangement needs to be made by your child’s first rehearsal. Show expenses for Impact are an additional fee. Secure and convenient monthly ACH payments are available.

Genesis, Next Steps, Cadets and Slam will wear the black Groove t-shirt, Groove hat, blue jeans, black & white Converse All-Star shoes. The t-shirt and hat can be purchased through Groove, Inc. Impact uniforms will be based on the show theme and the cost will be included into the membership dues. Each group’s parent coordinator will compile orders and distribute uniforms.

There are typically no rehearsals during Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Presidents’ Day break, or Easter break.

Rehearsal dates/times/locations will be listed on the Events Calendar and are subject to change throughout the season. Please check regularly for updated information and do not leave for a rehearsal WITHOUT FIRST checking to see if the rehearsal date/time/location has been revised.

DO NOT travel in inclement weather and be sure to check the website or contact your group’s instructor for cancelled rehearsals due to unsafe road/travel conditions.