Information for Parents


Website: Visit for up-to-date information about rehearsal locations, schedule updates, etc. Schedules are posted on the website and should be checked regularly to ensure any updates have been noted on your home calendar. Rehearsals and performances will change throughout the year due to circumstances beyond our control.

Email: Emails will be sent out regularly with information relevant to your group. You must provide us with an email address that you check daily to ensure you are receiving pertinent information in a timely manner. We recommend you provide us with email addresses for both parents and the member.

Phone and Texting: There may be times when immediate changes need to be made during the school day which affect that afternoon’s or evening’s rehearsal or performance. In those situations, we will make an attempt to contact members via phone and texting. However, this is not always possible because our parent volunteers may not be reachable or able to help on that particular day. We will use this whenever possible, but please check emails and the website daily to receive the most up-to-date information.

Announcements: Many times announcements are made before or after rehearsals. Members must share this information with their parents to ensure they are aware of revisions to the schedule, etc.


Groove, Inc. exists primarily as a volunteer-led organization. Committed parent volunteers play a huge role in the success of Groove, Inc. A commitment of your time and talent is needed to ensure Groove Inc. continues to provide the best possible percussion music education experience possible.

When a young person joins Groove, Inc., it is important that their parent(s) become involved for the success of the overall organization. There are many volunteer opportunities for you to consider and are available throughout the Winterline season and Summerline season. Information on specific positions will be posted on the website and sent out via email when vacancies exist. Please consider how you might be able to lend your time and talents to help out through the drumming seasons.

We are many families who have become one with the common goal of not only operating, but promoting and growing this outstanding youth percussion organization within Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities.