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Do you want to be a rock star? Then Summer Line is for you! Ask any Groove Inc. drummer who has been a part of Summer Line, and you’ll hear about the cheers from the crowd as the drummers perform their cadences along the parade routes! The whole family can get involved, supporting the drummers as they perform; it’s a great time for all!

The Groove Inc. Summer Line drum line performs at town festivals, conventions, parades, drum corps shows, and other events. The season runs from May through July, with practices held every Tuesday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. One year of Slam or higher drum line experience is required.

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Summer Line FAQ

What is Summer Line? 
Summer Line is a group of Groove Inc. members, seventh grade and up, who audition to play bass drum, snare drum, or tenor drum. They travel on the GROOVE bus to perform in parades in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Why should I participate in Summer Line?
Summer Line is a way to have fun while building your skills. It also gives you a chance to socialize and drum to your hearts content with fellow drummers as you cruise around on the Groove bus!

Who can be in Summer Line?
Drummers who have complete at least 1 year of Slam or above.

Do I need to know how to march? 
Yes.  Intermediate experience necessary.  Come with your drumsticks and we will teach you what you need to know!

What about equipment?
We will have all of the equipment set up for you to try. Pete will give some instruction and then you will audition on the instrument of your choice. Once you have been placed, we will check out the equipment to you – just like winter line. At the end of Summer Line you will turn the equipment back in – just like winter line.

When do we practice?
Rehearsals are held at the Armory at the W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds on Tuesday nights from 6:00–9:00PM. Rehearsals start in May and run through July.

When do we perform?
The parades at which Summer Line performs are mostly on Saturdays; a few may occur on a weekday or Sunday. Other performance opportunities may present themselves during the summer months as well. We usually have one overnight trip in late July.

Do I need to be at every practice and every performance?
We realize that summer is busy with family vacations, camps, and other commitments. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to be at every practice and every performance. All we ask is that you make an attempt to be at most practices and performances, and let us know if you are not available.

What about uniforms?
Uniforms for Summer Line are different than winter uniforms. We will measure or have you try on a sample uniform to figure out your size. Then we will order the uniform for you. Shoes are typically included in the uniform.  Sunglasses can and should be worn but are the member’s responsibility to purchase.

How much do uniforms cost?
Uniform costs are included with your membership dues. The only additional cost is of a pair of dark sunglasses.

What is the membership dues?
The membership dues are approximately $375 for Summer Line and will be decided after auditions.  The dues will include your use of equipment, rehearsals, performances, and transportation on the Groove bus to and from parades. Occasionally you may need money for a meal or you can bring your own meals from home.

How do I sign up!!!?
2019 Auditions will be May 14, 2019 from 5:00-8:00 pm in the Armory building at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds.  Click here to view the audition music and to sign up for an audition time.

We will need your help to assist at the parades with such duties as unloading and loading the trailer, supplying ice and water for our coolers, giving water to the kids during the parades, acting as chaperones on the bus ride to and from parades, and anything else that may come up! You do not need to be at every parade.

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